The courses take place in Cagliari, the most important city of Sardinia, on the south cost of the island, in an elegant student hostel, situated in a well connected university area close to the sea.

The course can be canceled if there are not enough applicants.
We can also organize individual courses. They might start at any moment. If you are interested, please feel free to contact us.

Classes are from Monday to Friday from 9.15 a.m. to 11.00 a.m. and from 11.30 to 13.15. Classes are kept to a maximum of twelve students per class. Each applicant has to fill up an evaluation form at the application step in order to allow us to form homogeneous class for each level. Considering it, each student is assessed on the first day and placed in a class suitable to his/her level. There are four course levels:

E – Elementary
I – Intermediate
A – Advanced
C- Conversation

Additional afternoon-courses take place from 4.00 p.m. till 6.00 p.m. A wide range of topics are hold in workshop like: Italian fashion, Mediterranean cuisine (Italian recipes), arts, history, law, commercial correspondence. Note that you can ask in advanced that we organize lectures on specific topics that you would like to hear or to deepen.

Who are teachers?
The teachers are native Italian speakers or teachers with the academic title to teach Italian to foreigners, all of them university graduates, highly qualified, having many years of experience as tutors.

Course materials (workbooks and students’ books) are not included in the price. The materials will be suggested by the teachers.

Teaching methods
Lessons are hold in a communicative approach, underlining the fact, that what give sense to a language is the communication!
None of the four linguistic functions (speaking, writing, listening, and reading) will be neglected. One hour each morning is dedicated to the study (in Italian) of a specific aspect of Italian or Sardinian culture.

Students are lodged in double rooms with bathroom in common with the adjacent room, telephone, fridge etc. Meals (breakfast and dinner) will be served inside the hostel or in a place nearby. If you want instead a bed & breakfast rates will be a little higher. The price include also an excursion for week.

Summer Courses

The program of Summer Course:

  • Course of Italian Language with final exam and certificate of S4I. Practice and Grammar of language.
  • Excursions in Italian and English languages (in Rome also if Your group arrives to Rome); visiting of archeological site of Nurags (the native inhabitants of Sardinia of XV B.C.; ancient mine, ancient Greek city of Nora, historical museum of Cagliari, Cathedrals and the grave of Savoy Queen, Royal Palace and Parliament; meeting with mayor of the city, excursion in Parliament, visiting of thermaes and bathing in them.
  • Sea trips on board of Matilda ship, beaches of dunes, Chia, Gulf of “Picturesque Sea” and other beautiful gulfs and beaches of Sardinia discovering marvelous world of the Submarine kingdom with its colorful inhabitants.
  • Night program (dancing and contests), disco.
  • Participating in folkloristic shows and holidays with typical wines and meal.
  • Tango lessons. Visiting of milongas, tango, salsa, bachada, cha-cha dancing places.
  • Sport: volleyball tournament and bicycle-racing to the distant beach.
  • Health of the sea and ecologically clean zone.
  • residence in Student’s campus (double rooms, hot water all the time, bed-clothes change once a week);
  • meals: italian breakfast and dinner in Cus Restaurant. Lunch-package during excursions. Special menu for vegetarians;
  • teaching: photocopies, cd, dvd, methodical materials, certificate, exam;
  • entrance to museums and archeological zones;
  • transport: every week a weekly bus ticket is given to the participants, transfer to all the excursions, to port and airport, cars for going to disco;
  • for interested students there are lessons of Italian, Sardinian cuisine;
  • disco entrance; during swimming-pool parties all inclusive.